Saturday, November 24, 2007

Fun with Pareidolia

Quick-what is this?

Imagine my surprise at seeing something looking back at me when I took this plastic cup out of the dishwasher today.

Pareidolia is the sort of thing that has people seeing dead popes in bonfires and selling Jesus crepes on Ebay for exorbitant sums. I think that the intelligent and all-around fantastic readers of Steingruebl World Enterprises can do better than that, and should be rewarded.

Therefore, I hereby announce our first big contest with fabulous prize. What does this smudged face on this cup look like to you? Submit your responses below and we'll announce prizes when we get around to it. (Better enter soon so you don't miss out, I'd say!)


Jon McConnel said...

A jack-o-lantern.

Anonymous said...

The smiley face of the Comedian's badge from the Watchmen comics by Alan Moore.

cacophonyx said...

It looks like a digestive biscuit monster from the game "Labyrinth" for the BBC micro.. takes me right back to my teens.

If you shoot it, it turns into little yellow psychotic diamonds.

What *were* those people on when they made that game?


Jaya said...

Looks to me like the Smiley cookies from Eat-n-Park--but maybe I've just spent too much time in western Pennsylvania.