Saturday, November 10, 2007


It's okay to admit to being a proud wife, right?

My husband, of whom I am very proud, has been working on a new policy that went live on his employer's website this weekend. He likes to say that a lot of people worked on it and his boss was especially supportive etc. I'm his doting spouse, however, so I will think of it as "his" industry leading policy. You, gentle reader, will understand that this thing was a team effort, and that my husband is COOL.

What is this policy? I've had it explained to me this way...

A lot of people like mucking about with websites that don't belong to them and finding the parts that can break. To my understanding, this is a lot like counting coup. You find a weakness and say, "Ah hah! I'm tapping you with this stick because I can!" All of your friends are going to see just how cool/geeky you are. Anyway, if you're an upstanding hacker you'd probably also like to let the people who run a website know that you've found a weakness. But if you've been nosing around and then tell the people who run the website about it, you wouldn't be unreasonable to expect them to take you to court.

Enter this new policy. Simple, elegant, to the point. (Just like my husband.) Yes, we want to know if we've missed something that could harm our customers. Follow a few simple rules and don't be a jerk, and we're all good. It's a new thing out there that makes a lot of sense. It's been great seeing this get off the ground.

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Anonymous said...

At the risk of swelling Andy's head, I am a proud father in law.

Way to go Andy!