Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Mind Games

At the inception of this blog, we promised we'd attempt to avoid drivel. That pledge may be broken with this post. (If it wasn't before...)

We have found the solution to NBC's flagging ratings. It comes down to honesty.

Each prime-time program ends with "Stay tuned for more ..." and the name of the show that just ended. That's right-they tell viewers to expect more of what they just watched after the commercial break, and it NEVER HAPPENS. It fooled us for a long time, and even now we still begin to get our hopes up before hitting the fast-forward-to-the-end-and-delete buttons on the DVR.

One can not help but feel sorry for the woman who recorded all of these lies to be played at the end of every show. Did she know they would be used for nefarious ends? Did she receive extra compensation due to the fact that her voice would be used to lie to millions of people several times every night?

But therein lies the rub. Fewer people tune in because they hate the rush of anticipation followed by disappointment. Fix that, NBC, and your ratings will soar. Probably.

Stay tuned for more postings.

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