Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Loveseat has Landed

We haven't been very blogtastic this week, largely because nothing much has happened. Elise's toilet mastery appears to be complete, because this new diaperless lifestyle has become the non-event of the month. How does a kid go from full-time diapers to complete self-reliance in four days? We're still scratching our heads.

The newfound freedom from the tyrany of diapers has not been without cost. Now that Elise feels like she has control over one major aspect of her life, she's working on seizing control of the rest. We are not amused. Some of the excitement earlier this week began to be a little much. We nearly posted an blog entry titled "Mommy Does NOT Negotiate With Terrorists," but the time was better spent cleaning up the after effects of the mayhem and going to bed early.

This week's real news involves furniture. Approximately a thousand years ago, we wandered into the LaZBoy furniture gallery and sat on the loveseat of our dreams. It was out of stock, so we ordered it and waited. And waited. Finally, word came this week that it was here and ready for delivery. When Elise found out that we would soon have a sofa in the den, she made us proud by saying, "Yay! Now we can sit on it and read books!!!" Never mind that the adults in the family were fixated on having a comfy place to watch TV. We've calculated that it has been just over a year since we were able to sit and comfortably watch the idiot machine. It was time, and this thing is every bit as wonderful as we remembered.

So, while it's not of the style we usually choose, this piece of furniture is making us all pretty happy. It's been great to read so many books in the den.

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