Monday, May 28, 2007

Fabulous Weekend

It's been awhile since we've written, but in our defense there hasn't been much to report. Or maybe there has and we've just been lazy. Hmmmmm...

We're starting to get a feel for the pace of things here in sunny California. Who'd have thought that there are so many things to see and do out there? It feels good to be rounding out a long holiday weekend feeling like we've used it to the fullest.

Friday night, Heather went out to fondue with a moms' group she has been attending. If anyone out there is looking for a cost-effective, satisfying group activity, fondue is a good bet. (Provided you like fondue.) Lots of time to sit and gab, lots of things to try, pretty much all of it tasty. Good times!

After a leisurely breakfast on Saturday, we went to our neighborhood farmers' market. It was the first of the season, and we'll definitely be back. The nice people from the CTRC brought all kinds of neato train stuff, including a hand car with a length of track. Elise wasn't all that interested, though, and let us know it was time to get started on our big adventure for the day!

Following a quick lunch at Peggy Sue's, we headed to the top of Mt. Hamilton to visit the Lick Observatory. Really we did! Of course, we forgot the camera so there's no photographic proof, but we know we were there. Our stomachs told us. The twists and turns of the road challenged all of us, and we were very glad to get to the top. Until someone pulled a fire alarm which was also conveniently connected to an air-raid siren.

On the way back down we stopped at a park with a cool lake. There were all kinds of interesting birds to watch, and we found ourselves wishing we had some binoculars so that we could take them all in.

Sunday, we were a little slow off the mark, largely because we were busy savoring the pancakes Elise and Andy made. It's really fun to watch Elise help measure ingredients. Not only is she good at scooping and leveling and pouring, but she remembers how many of which scoops of which ingredients are needed. Great chef potential, that kid.

The big adventure of the day was the Campbell farmers' market, and a stop at our new favorite outdoor stuff store for a pair of binoculars. Good luck eluding us now, birds! Errands in the afternoon and we were wiped out.

Today, we decided to check out the Tech Museum. It's aimed at an audience older than Elise, but she was able to enjoy many of the exhibits, and we're planning to return often. Over lunch, Elise asked each of us what our favorite parts of the museum had been so far and then volunteered her favorites as well. The robot that picks up blocks to spell names is right up there, as is the programmable Mr. Potato Head. We didn't get to see all that we wanted to, but that just gives us an excuse to go back!

To round out the day, we went to a BBQ at the home of one of Andy's colleagues. It was good to have some adult conversation, and Elise seemed to enjoy the change of scenery. Andy made our favorite chocolate cupcakes (and a cake) to bring along, and those of us who had some (not Andy, ironically) really enjoyed it.

So-a full weekend! We're realizing just how much there is that we want to see and do around here. Elise could use another trip to the beach in the near future, so that may be our next goal. Our weeks are bound to fill up here very soon with the coming of preschool. That's right, Elise is slated to start preschool two days/week beginning in mid-June sometime. Heather found this preschool, and we're pretty excited about it. Hopefully Elise will be too!

That's about all of the news there is. We'll work on getting some pics to go with another post soon!

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