Monday, October 16, 2006

Our Fun Weekend

This weekend marked an entire month that we have lived in our new home! Yaaaaaaayyy-we did it! We’re all finally starting to feel settled, and so this weekend was a good chance to head out and enjoy things.

Saturday, we went to “Pumpkins in the Park” and had a pretty good time. Elise looooved the pumpkins, so we bought a small one which she makes a point of carrying all over the house.

One nice thing about living in a slightly smaller city is that the festivals in the parks don’t have to be gigantic and intimidating. There was good music and good food, and at no time did we worry about any of us getting trampled. Some of the highlights were the story tent where a nice lady reads books and then the kids get to pick a book to take home with them, and a puppet tent with a gazillion fuzzy animal puppets that were there for everyone to enjoy.

Saturday night, we made pizza and Elise was actually willing to eat it. She tried a few bites of pizza when Uncle Peter and Auntie Roni were here, but this time she really ate it. We’re hoping that this means that the moratorium on all “strange” looking food (like noodles) is nearing an end.

On Sunday, Elise and Daddy went to the Discovery Museum and had lots of fun while Mommy stayed home in her jammies and rearranged boxes while listening to the radio. It was a fun time for everyone!

In an attempt to post pictures in the blog and have them visible in all browsers without obscuring text, we’re placing them here at the bottom this time-enjoy!

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