Sunday, October 8, 2006

Family Movie Night

Last night was our first official “family movie night.” We explained to Elise how it works-first dinner, then bath and jammies, then we all get to sit in the den and watch a movie together. It is amazing what a motivator a movie can be for a kiddo. After inhaling her broccoli, Elise entreated her daddy to take her upstairs for her bath so that she could watch the Curious George movie.

Like so many other “kid” movies, Curious George isn’t really meant for the under-3 set. So, as far as Elise knows, it ends with George and The Man with the Yellow Hat falling asleep in a park.

All in all, family movie night was a big success. We’ll probably find something slightly more kid-friendly to watch in the future and maybe start a little earlier. But, it brings home to us just what a Big Girl our daughter has become!

A year ago, Elise was just learning to talk and was getting ready for a road trip to PA that would set her language acquisition at full throttle. Three years ago this weekend we were in the hospital with pre-term labor, desperately hoping things would turn out okay. ’The past 6 months of change and upheaval have seen all of us grow, but we see it most clearly in the young lady who asked us just this morning, “When we get to the coffee shop, what will my choices be?”

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