Monday, October 9, 2006

What's that thing?

Well, wouldja look at that? Not too long ago, we wouldn’t have been caught dead with something like that in our house and now it’s right there in the den cozied up next to the TV and satellite receiver (another item we never thought we’d own...)

An appraisal of the cost of gym membership, childcare, driving to the gym and hassle factor led us to decide that a treadmill at home made the most sense. After three abdominal surgeries in just over a year, the lady of the household is feeling the need for phenomenal physical health and of course a return to her former status as a trophy wife. ;)

It all started back in Chicago at the Galter Center, really, with a great nutritionist and perhaps the best physical trainer on the planet*. The plan and the training were going sooo well, and then the hernia (but surprisingly not the moving across the country) derailed it all. But now, we’re back on track.

We’re not taking a lot of “before” pictures or anything like that and our scale is broken, but we have high hopes of significantly improved health by the publication of our annual Groundhog Day letter. Watch this space! And listen for the gentle whirr of the treadmill motor...

*The best trainer in the world is Kristin. If any of you in the Chicago area are looking for someone, drop a line and I’ll supply the contact info. She is a trainer, massage therapist and yoga instructor as well as being a great athlete. I could go on and on and on here, but suffice it to say she’s amazing and comes with the highest of recommendations!

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