Saturday, September 30, 2006

Visitors from Kiwistan

Uncle Peter and Auntie Roni stopped by to see us for a few days on their way back to New Zealand. It was their first visit back to their native shores since their big move, and we sure were glad to have them here.

After meeting them at SFO, we brought them home and treated them to a quiet afternoon and then a stroll over to Chacho’s (thank you for the recommendation Celerino!)

On Saturday, Andy made a huge breakfast including apple pancake, potatoes and sausages. Yummy! Then, the gang took a walk up the Alameda and found the farmer’s market. Pete & Roni treated us all to Round Table Pizza for dinner, and then Andy drove them back to SFO for the exciting 13 hour trip to Auckland.

Whew! It feels like a whirlwind just writing about it!
Our fabulous houseguests brought a gift from their chosen country for Elise. A book (what else?) about sheep (of course!) We’ve been enjoying Elfrida’s sense of style.

We’ve noticed from previous entries that this blog renders best in Safari-especially when we insert pictures into the text. From here out, we’ll try to avoid putting pics in the middle of entries for the sake of the sanity of all of our IE and Firefox friends. :)

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