Friday, September 15, 2006

The Big Day!

Tomorrow is it-our big day. We’ll be going home! Five months is a long time, but we’ve made it. The movers will arrive sometime after 8:30am, and we’ll be set. Pictures and narrative will be forthcoming when we have internet access again. Earthlink is having trouble locating the place, so it may be awhile. Bear with us! We promise we’ll be back online!

Today was a big day for family. We’ve been a little focused on ourselves, but there are some big things happening beyond Steingruebl World Enterprises.

For starters, Heather’s dad is on his way to teach English in Russia for 3 months. His trip today started bright and early, and he flew from Spokane to Chicago to Milan to Moscow. As of this writing, he’s probably still on part of that trip. From Moscow, he will ride a train for 20 hours or so to get to the city of Izhevsk. If you’d like to learn more, feel free to peruse his blog!

And, Peter and Roni (Heather’s bother and sister-in-law) are on their way back from New Zealand for a visit. They’re spending a few days in Auckland before flying to Montana. Even better, cousin Geetha just happens to be spending a year living and working in Wellington, so she’ll be forsaking her regular housemates to do some housesitting. And, best for last, they changed their plane tickets to include a day and a half with us before they go back home to Wellington.

And, this blog entry is ending now because our friend Job just arrived for a weekend of moving fun, Sox in Oakland, and getting enough frequent flier miles to have platinum status for his upcoming trip to India.

Exciting times! Time for a good night’s sleep!

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