Friday, September 8, 2006


Can anyone guess where we found this sign? A tightrope walking demonstration? An obstacle course for drag queens? How about the Discovery Children’s Museum of San Jose?
If you guessed the children’s museum, you’re right! All of the kids seemed to be heeding the sign, but most of the moms missed it.

Anyway-Elise and I headed for the children’s museum in search of fun and excitement for the day. We figured we couldn’t go wrong with a purple building in the middle of a big park. No disappointment here-we’ll be using our new membership to return often!

For those of you familiar with the Kohl Museum, think of this one as a cross between the old Wilmette location and the new Glenview one. A lot of nice exhibits, a few strange ones, and all in a not-huge space.

One of the best things about this museum is its layout. There are places specifically reserved for the under 4 set, which means that the little ones get a chance to play without being trampled by bigger kids. We especially appreciated this in the water area.

There were things on a small scale for the little ones (as seen above) and then the stuff for the big kids was really cool. We’ll be growing into this for awhile.
Much of what was on the main floor was a little beyond Elise’s interest, but upstairs there is an entire room dedicated to preschoolers and younger. It is quiet(ish) and on a small scale.

So many fun things to see and do! It was hard to leave. Next time, we’ll be sure to spend more time upstairs in the preschool area. We’ll also probably hit the pizza parlor.

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