Sunday, September 10, 2006

A Fun Weekend

This felt like a “normal” weekend for us-the first one in awhile! Saturday, we met friends at the SF Zoo. It’s nice that we still get to call the Breindels friends in spite of the fact that we gave all of them a really nasty cold that they’re still trying to shake. Today, Andy and Elise made more pancakes (and bacon!) and then we mucked around and finally met a playgroup for pizza at Round Table. All in all, not too bad.

Elise is busting out with all kinds of interesting statements. Things like, “I am in the mood to read this book.” We were reading Little Pea, and at one point Mommy made Teri Bear jump up and down in excitement. “You should calm down a little, Teri. Sit right here. Good bear. I will give you a big kiss. There. Now we can read the story.”

And, in case anyone worries that the critters are feeling left out (they haven’t really been heard from since they posted a comment back on August 17), the two of them are still doing pretty well. Elise helps feed Beaker every day, and also helps refill Flapjack’s dishes as needed.

Believe it or not, Elise and “Meow” have a routine every morning. Elise starts fussing in her bed, so Flapjack jumps in our bed and starts being a nuisance. As Mommy stumbles out of bed, Flapjack races to Elise’s bedroom door and stands on her hind legs to reach up to the knob, usually meowing. Mommy opens the door, the cat sprints in, Elise hollers a joyful, “Good morning, Meow!” Cat freaks out and sprints out to the living room with Elise in hot pursuit. We all spend about 5 minutes on the sofa snuggling while the cat pretends to hate it. “You are PURRING Meow!!!”

So, we are reminded once again that life is good. We hope you also have reminders like this in your days-and that they don’t necessarily include cat drool at 6am...

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