Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Who's that dog?

I have to admit, I love doing dog-related stuff. This one was a necessity, so I don't feel too badly about indulging. Daisy wasn't too matted, but she had some long, curly fur on her that needed the attention of a qualified professional.

Luckily for us, there is a mobile dog groomer in town! Wahoooo! This is a good thing as Daisy tends to get a little excited when there are other dogs around. (We keep reminding ourselves that we meet with the trainer next week.) So, today was Daisy's lucky day.

Here she is, trying to simultaneously lick Elise and pose for a picture:

That Daisy is fast -see how loooooong her fur looks when she's on the move?

And, here is a more reasonable "before" picture that really shows off the furriness with which she was so encumbered:

Isn't she just a gigantic fluffball? She looks more like a bear than a dog, really. Everyone thinks that she's a bigger girl than she actually is, given the extra 3 inches she had all around. The following picture was taken right around the time Paula (the groomer) mentioned that Daisy is a lot like a chia pet. She kinda is.

I love the clippers with an attached vacuum hose. Can I get one of those for our house so I can do Andy's hair inside without a huge mess? I'm glad Daisy got a bath in the truck (as well as the haircut) because ohmahgoodness that was an amazing amount of fur.

But look! Here is our Daisy in her natural environment-resting under the dining table. Note how well camouflaged she is here:

And finally, because every beautiful doog needs a pose outdoors too, I leave you with this picture of our freshly bathed Daisy:


Anonymous said...

Daisy looks so pretty, and so much lighter with her new haircut. Bet she feels nice and cool now! Have Elise give her a snuggle for me!

Niki Naeve said...

ooo she's so keeeuuute! I wanna come see her! I relaly need to get my priorities straight...learna new bodywork technique that coudl help myself and countless others...or...come see the dog.

SWE said...

Well of course come see dog. and practice skills you already have on paying clients...