Sunday, September 20, 2009

Shiny New Dining Chairs

What do we do here at Steingruebl World Enterprises when it's hot and miserable outside? Well, mostly we complain and get all grouchy with each other. But today we had a better idea!

A few months back, I bought upholstery fabric off eBay that ended up being about $7/yard after shipping and all. Our dining chairs have been looking scummy, and I figured I'd fix 'em. How scummy were they, you might ask? Oh let me show you.

And if that was not scary enough, here's the close up:

So, yeah, we needed a change.

Ta dah!

It's going to be really, really, really stinkin' hot this week. Really hot. I am not planning any other home makeovers, though. Unless someone has a cheap and easy to follow plan for installing your own central air conditioning...


NanaA said...

Haven't been in your blog for ages and ages. May I say how I admire a woman who can work at home and not get herself so confused that nothing at all gets done. The new puppy is a work in progress...the cutest thing in the world, he is...and I know you will do so well with him.
I do think you are something else my dear.
Love, Annie

Anonymous said...

Wow! The chair(s) look wonderful! I like that fabric--it really goes well with your home!

Anonymous said...

The chairs do look great! Good job!