Thursday, September 3, 2009

Exciting Developments!

I thought I could be good at updating this blog once the kiddo headed for kindergarten, but here we are, near the end of the 3rd week, and I haven't even posted first day pictures. I blame Facebook. It's easier to upload pictures there than here. Also, I have proof that more friends see stuff there than here so it's not just lazy-it's lazy and a shrewd use of resources!

Suffice it to say that school is going swimmingly and we are terribly proud of our kindergartener.

Also, we have a dog.

She came from the Humane Society-we got her on Sunday! Part cocker spaniel, part poodle. At least as far as anyone can tell. My suspicion is that she was bred as a "cockapoo" and was left un-spayed in case someone wanted to breed her. Daisy has some decent manners already, but is clearly out of practice on some of it. One of the moms from Elise's pre-K class has a highly recommended dog training business, and we are waiting to hear from her when she returns from vacation after Labor Day. In the mean time, we're doing our best with the stuff HSSV gave us to read. So far, we're making progress on leash pulling, aggression while on leash, and generally barking like a maniac at other dogs. Less progress has been made with crate training and separation anxiety. It is not going to take much work to help Daisy be the sweetest dog in the entire universe. (We say modestly)

So, there you have it! We're pretty excited around here. And yes, before anyone asks, we are still looking at getting a cat to complement the menagerie. I am insane. But very happy.


Linda said...

Daisy sounds wonderful. Enjoy every minute--they, like children, grow up so fast.

When my girls were about five and ten, I used to look at babies and pine for another one. (I still do, but the likelihood of getting another one at this point is even less than it was then.) Whenever I would start such mooning about, Jaya would look at me sharply and say, "That's why we got the cat." That is just one of the many reasons for getting a pet.

Chicago Sarah said...

Pictures please! I want a dog, too, but shall have to live vicariously through others....

Niki Naeve said...

What a great excuse to watch "The Dog Whisperer," a show I'm embarrassed to watch because I don't have a dog.

Is this one of the "hypo-allergenic" varieties?

kalamajadee said...

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