Sunday, October 19, 2008

Funnier and Funnier

Several years ago when Elise was barely speaking, I set about trying to teach her the "Who's on First" sketch. Today, I finally got my wish.

Elise and I were sitting around the table after dinner and having some fun conversation. At one point she said something to the effect of "Who knows?" I answered "The Shadow Knows" and her being almost 5 and quite literal wanted to know "What shadow?" I of of course confused her and we kept chatting and she asked "Where is the Shadow?" to which I replied "Yes!" This made her quite confused and we went back and forth several times like this before I explained the joke to her and also had her watch the "Who's on First" sketch from youtube, link posted above.

Fast forward to bedtime. We're getting ready to read Elise a bedtime story and Heather said "The moon is made of cheese" to which Elise replied "No it isn't, it's made of shining armor, and it shines in the stars." Heather replied "Who is wearing the armor?" to which Elise said "Yes!".

Makes me proud.

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Jaya said...

You might enjoy the Kids in the Hall take on it as well.