Thursday, May 29, 2008

Proving Me Wrong

Earlier today, I wrote a big ol' post about my crazy online life. Not much after that, I got mentioned by one of my favorite bloggers which was a real ego boost. Just this evening, after installing the latest OSX update, my computer's hard drive went kaput. Back in the olden days, before I had my life entirely online, this would have been cataclysmic. Oh no! Everything gone!

As it is, this will be mildly expensive and a little inconvenient but my computing life will go on. Andy is manually backing up all of our photos as I type, and that's just a precaution really. Because the hard drive has been going south for awhile, we haven't been able to use Time Machine for regular backups of my stuff, but we do have a fairly recent manual one so I'm not too worried.

Planning ahead for hard drive 2.0, I think there will be a hefty emphasis on keeping Time Machine working properly and even using some of that iDisk space we're paying for. I also need to fix the fact that my iTunes library has a bunch of kid music and a few CDs worth of jug band music. Those selections alone are not going to keep me on the treadmill for the required length of time.

Wait-what? You're planning to spend more time with your computer so that you can spend more time with your real life? How does that work again? It probably doesn't. But a girl can dream, right?


Swubird said...


I am not a real savvy computer guy, so I was interested in your comments about the Time Machine. I bought a new iMac a while back - my first time, and I am still a little intimated by the bloody thing. I switched to Mac because my last PC literally ate several years worth of photos and manuscripts. Ouch! Supposedly, however, the Mac is going to be be a lot more reliable. I hope so.

How long did you have your Mac before you started having hard drive problems?

Happy trails.

SWE said...

Thanks for stopping by, swubird! (And for those of you who haven't been reading his blog, I recommend hopping over there)

I had my mac for awhile before having hard drive trouble. In fact, I had it exactly long enough to switch from Tiger to Leopard, OS wise. Turns out, my laziness in avoiding a clean install was what caused the problem. A very nice young man at my local Apple Store took about an hour to get it running perfectly. All for free. Sweet!

For what it's worth, I recommend the Apple Care plan, even though it's spendy. My brother has had some pretty fantastic service for his money. I also recommend not letting your preschooler spill a glass of ice water into it-that doesn't do good things for a computer's longevity.

Your Mac should do a great job keeping track of your data. Back up early and often. ;)