Sunday, December 13, 2009

Thanksgiving with the Whites

For a second year in a row, our good friends Dani, Brad and Rista invited us to share Thanksgiving with them. The food and the company were wonderful, and it was a Thanksgiving in the grandest sense of the word. This year was hard because Dani's mom Trudy was not with us. We missed her.

I didn't manage very many pictures as we were all busy talking and laughing and eating, but here are some good ones of the girls!

The tradition of an olive on every finger, as begun at last year's dinner:

Our hostess "Olive Fingers" Rista. Note the beautiful feathered placecards-she made those and we kept ours they're so cute.

After dinner, while the grownups talked about boring stuff, the girls played with their new Three Muscateers Barbies while mostly ignoring Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving.

Hope your turkey day was as well stuffed with friends and good cheer as ours was!

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