Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Daisy gets a second haircut

My oh my it was time for our girl to have a haircut and a thorough bathing. With all of that curly, wonderful fur on her feet, she was getting to be quite the mud sponge. Stinky, too.

I called up Nancy at Just 4 Paws, and she showed up right on time with plenty of compliments for our fuzzy puppy. I love her awesome trailer setup.

Everything went smoothly, and we now have a gorgeous, fluffy puppy. Behold!

And yes, that is the stick from a lollipop sticking out of Elise's mouth. Halloween candy will probably make her teeth fall out. Note how Elise also looks a little rummy. Slightly later bedtime on Monday, and she's feeling it by late afternoon. Luckily, she gets to go to bed early. Daisy is not so lucky. Apparently, training and grooming in one day are a lot for a dog...

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Anonymous said...

Very nice blog and nice family
You will get used to the sun in CA