Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Apropos of Nothing

Elise has decided that it is great fun and very funny to tickle people on the neck. This does not thrill me as I am generally just annoyed by small hands reaching up and grabbing at me at random times. Stick-in-the-mud Mommy, anyway!

So that got me to thinking about what Vulcan kids do as they grow up. (Not thinking hard, mind you, just thinking.) Do they explore the boundaries of socially acceptable physical humor? Do they practice the neck pinch thing at inopportune times? Then, of course, I got to thinking what would happen if a human kid got adopted into a Vulcan family. (Yes, it was 4am, how did you know?) I'm imagining something akin to Will Farrel in Elf. And I'm imagining Elise tickling Leonard Nimoy, or maybe that uptight dude who played his dad on TNG and what they'd do with her. The neck pinch we understand, but this tickling stuff? That's just weird. Elise would either be the most popular mind-meld partner out there because she'd be a completely known quantity, or they'd all avoid her like the plague.

I think I'm glad we're Earthlings.

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