Monday, March 17, 2008

What a Week!

It's going to be tough for this week to compare to last week, but we'll do our best.

Last week, Elise
began writing letters and words all by herself
started sounding out words
tried new foods and was willing to eat them a second time
discovered that she loves taking showers
went on her first school field-trip
started learning the names of some San Jose Sharks

Like I say, hard to top. I like weeks like that.


Anonymous said...

A week full of WooHoo!

Isn't it fun to watch the lights flicker to life?

You'll never keep her out of the library now!


Anonymous said...

Bravo, Elise. Enjoy this magical time of discovery. I warn my students that kids who read are more likely to be socially adept, successful in both the social and financial sense, voters, and liberal. If this future works for you and her then urge her on. Most of my students decide it is safe to keep reading and I am sure you will as well. (some I don't tell about being liberal but I think that you'll be okay with that.)
Now Elise can start writing to me in person. I can hardly wait.

SWE said...

Thanks. :) It's wonderful to be able to share our excitement about our fantastic kiddo with people who "get it."