Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Big Kid Things

This is our week for trying big kid things. After some really fun playdates last week, we realized that Elise is ready to tackle a few more challenges, so we’re off and running.

Efforts include taking more walks without the stroller, letting Elise be responsible for the items she wants to bring with her and practicing using the potty chair. Maybe it’s too much all at once. The plan is to help Elise have some self-determination and prevent (or at least minimize) some of the ongoing battles for control. We hope to report great strides in the near future...

In other news, Heather attended the first annual Santa Cruz Jugband Jubilee this past weekend. The music was good and people were nice, especially after they heard her play jug. In even bigger news, the Hump Night Thumpers (Heather’s former band) WON the 25th annual Battle of the Bands in Minneapolis. They have carried home the coveted traveling waffle iron trophy, much to the delight of their adoring fans everywhere.

We’ve been watching the weather back in Chicago and wondering when the snow and cold are going to end. That’s crazy! California has been an adjustment for us, but we’ve taken to life above freezing (and above zero, too) pretty readily. Stay warm out there, friends!

Hope your week is going well!

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