Friday, February 2, 2007

Happy Groundhog Day!

Rumor has it that Punxsutawney Phil did NOT see his shadow this year, and spring is right around the corner. Huzzah! Hooray! Spring is good.

It has come to our attention that we’ve been neglecting our blog of late. Our faithful readers will no doubt be glad to learn that we intend to do better. New readers will no doubt be glad that we haven’t been posting much because that means less reading to catch up.

We were going to say that things have seemed like slightly less of an adventure since we got settled in here, and that is why we’ve felt less need to write about the “moving to silicon valley” experience. That’s not true, though.

Since Santa’s visit, lots of interesting things have happened. Elise has founded a new cult/religion based on making offerings of dead leaves to Santa in hopes He will be pleased. We’ve met oodles of new friends. Andy has been to India. Grandparents have visited. All of this plus we’re already two weeks into the one-month cold that has a good portion of the Bay Area population in its grasp.

Since last Groundhog Day, we’ve been to London, lived in temporary housing for 5 months (4 in Chicago, 1 in San Jose), got Andy a fabulous new job, fixed Heather’s hernia, watched Elise turn into the fabulous young lady you see pictured above. What a year! We’re hoping this year is also fun and exciting, but maybe in different ways.

Elise’s Grandma Judy visited while Andy was in India, and the Schmiedeskamp grandparents are on their way for a post-Groundhog Day visit. It’s a good time to be a little girl.

We hope that our Groundhog Day letter has reached many of you, and if by some chance it has not please let us know and we’ll put a copy in the mail. Aside from this brief lapse of the New Year, we really do update this blog pretty often, so don’t be shy about subscribing to the RSS feed!

Happy February! Go Bears!!!!!!

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