Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Winter? Fall? !!

This picture of our front “yard” was taken on December 10th. How confusing is that? Pretty leaves, gentle rains-you’d think it was early to mid-October, wouldn’t you? Hahahaha! December 10th! Winter! We’re not exactly dreaming of a white Xmas at this point...

In other news, a pair of finches have been visiting our feeder and keeping Flapjack entertained. They’re bigger than our house finches from Chicago (and look different) and aren’t purple finches either. According to our bird book, they look entirely like Cassin’s finches, but of course they probably aren’t because the map says they don’t live here. We’ll see if we can sneak a picture or two and let all of you hordes of readers decide which kind you think they are.

Heather’s brother Peter and his wife Roni have officially quit the horrible weather of Wellington, NZ and moved to Auckland. They’re expecting great things, since pretty much anything would be an improvement over Wellington weather. (And now we don’t have to worry about those “gale force winds” blowing them away.)

Hope you’re well and feeling in the holiday spirit of things!

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