Thursday, December 21, 2006


With Christmas just days away, we’re experiencing a bit of excitement around Santa’s impending visit. There has been much practicing of “fal[ling] faaaaaast asleep,” for example. We’re thinking of making cookies for the big guy, and have keen interest in the lives of those lucky reindeer. (Also the engines from the Island of Sodor who sometimes fill in for them when they get tired, but that is a loooong and too-often-told story.)

Tonight, Elise was talking about what Santa will bring. “He will bring me a Mavis engine!” We have it on good authority that this may well come to pass, but she should have no way of knowing that. Andy used this opportunity to ask what Santa will bring each of us. The results were interesting...

“What will Santa bring you, Elise?”

“He will bring me a dog on a leash!” (jump, jump, jump, twirl, jump, run, twirl)

“Oh, then what do you think Mommy would like Santa to bring for her?”

“Mommy wants cleaning supplies!”

“I see. Then what do you think Santa will bring for me?” (asks Daddy)

“He will bring shaving things for you!”

“And how about Flapjack? What do you suppose she would like Santa to bring for her?”

“She does not want anything because she does not have hands.”

So, there you have it. Great predictions from the family prognosticator. We’ll let you know how it goes.

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