Thursday, March 5, 2009


As inspired by a favorite parenting blog and some disappointingly high cholesterol levels, I'm marching through March. This means making some better food choices and getting moving! My key is to make some changes I can stick to.

My goal this month is to keep moving. I've been so disappointed in my Sharks for not moving their feet lately, so I'm going to move mine! My pedometer attached to my hip, I'm challenging myself to move as much as possible. I'll put some numbers and progress updates here, but if you're just dying to know how much walking I'm doing every day, you'll have to find me on Facebook.

Who wants to play too?


Anonymous said...

You are inspiring me, my daughter! I will join you in marching! Marching to Pretoria, Pretoria, Pretoria...... :-)

Roni said...

I've been tempted to get a pedometer to see how much I walk at work. The other day I sat down at my desk during one of my classes the other day, and realised that that was the first time I had done that in about three weeks.

In this case, I hardly think that curiosity will kill us cats. Maybe I can find a cheap one this weekend and keep up with the two of you!

BTW, totally looking forward to April!

Jaya said...

Pretoria is so far away...

I just march to work.

Linda said...

I am trying to march with you but I am hoping that you are not marching so much that you are no longer putting up witty and insightful posts. I miss them.
Your nagging aunt Linda

P.S. The word verification today is sinfar. Are you trying to tell me something?