Sunday, December 14, 2008


This year marked our first CA Thanksgiving celebrated with friends. Danielle, Brad and Rista invited us to join them at Danielle's mom's house, and we enthusiastically did so. They put on a tremendous feast, and you couldn't ask for better company.

It begins to hit us that we have a big kid on our hands. Elise and Rista ran off and entertained themselves while the grown-ups chatted. I think we were all a little giddy with the thrill of it.

The best news is that, after a lot of discussion about expected manners, Elise did a fabulous job trying food and being a polite guest. Normally, we get tantrums and other unpleasantness when we inflict unfamiliar food on her. We do not like this state of affairs. We are working on it. For the short term, Elise got a crash course in acceptable behavior at a big feast of a dinner. And she really took note. We were stunned, stunned I tell you, that she ate a bite of absolutely everything on her plate without a single complaint. We learned that stuffing isn't torture in crouton form, and that cranberries may well be nature's perfect food. Heavenly!

Of course, I took the camera with us but neglected to take any pictures. "Next year!" she vows sincerely.

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