Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Trick or Treat!

We decided to do all of our trick-or-treating at Andy’s office this year. What a great time! There were nice people with buckets of candy all over the place, and they were willing to just give it away to kids!

At our first stop, Elise was sooooo excited that she could just stand there bouncing and laughing. Finally, she mustered a “trick or treat” and was rewarded with “cAAAAAAAaNDyyyyyyYYY!” There was some parental concern that we’d have to pry the mini Snickers bar out of her fingers before bath time.

Once the thrill of wandering the cubicle maze wore off, we found a place where they were giving away CUPCAKES and we took one to sit and eat on a bench outside. (See picture above.) From there, we went to decorate cookies and learned that frosting on a giant sugar cookie tastes pretty good. Afterward, we all went outside to run around on the grassy hill. It was wildly fun, and none of it spooky and scary for a kid. Hooray! Perfect first trick-or-treating experience.

Of course, the trick came later when some evil cretin ignited an incendiary device near where we’d been playing hours before. Nobody was hurt, but the entire campus was shut down today while authorities investigated. It’s not that fun to work from home after your office campus has been bombed. Things are set to re-open tomorrow, so we take it as a good sign that this was “just” a freak thing.

In other news, today marks the beginning of National Novel Writing Month. Woo hoo! Heather is on target to meet today’s word count goal. Feel free to chart her progress and jeer her on through the link provided above on our NaNoWriMo page.

Happy November!

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